Candid Children’s Portraits.

If there is one thing I have learned about taking portraits of children, it’s that have to move QUICK. Even my son gives me about a max of 1.5 seconds to meter, compose, light and shoot a portrait. Anything past a few minutes tends to dissolve into crying or fighting or both. Add a few more kids to the equation and you need riot gear!

That’s why I love candid children’s photos. I always have a plan when I know there will be multiple kids involved.  Better yet, I usually bring crowd control in the form of my wife.  Props are great, but having a planned activity is even better.  In this case, I had scoped out a fallen tree in a neighborhood park a few houses down from where I was meeting the family.  I planned to get a couple of quick traditional photos and then I thought it would be really cool to catch the kids in mid-air while jumping off the tree.  We didn’t quite get the “on 3″ thing right, but it still turned out pretty cool.

First we snapped the traditional shots for the grandparents:

Then right when we were descending into chaos, we got some cool jumping photos:

Finally, we got some great shots of individual families:

Great family, great lighting and a great time!  Here is a photo of the ENTIRE family of 19!

Thanks for your patience while we tried something new!  Please contact us today if you are looking for a Tampa Photographer to capture your special occasion.

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