Franklin Family Portraits

Last Saturday I met Brent and Melissa Franklin and their sons Conner, Owen and Noah at Medard Park, which is a beautiful park East of Tampa.  It was a gorgeous morning so I got up and went out there a little early just to enjoy the weather (besides, I was a single man for the weekend, not much else to do :) ).  I used to play at Medard Park as a kid in the “mountains”, which are just some hills but hey, I was raised in Florida!  Anyway, the trees in the hills have some amazing exposed roots that I knew would somehow make for a good portrait setting.

When the Franklins arrived, I asked if they were up for a hike in the hills and they were all for it.  So we trudged through the wet grass and up into the Hills.  Amazingly we only had one wipe-out :).  The light coming through the trees, along with some haze, made for some beautiful back lighting.  We were able to use the roots natural benches and we got some really great shots.

Let me back up a little.  I first met the Franklins while photographing Melissa’s brother’s wedding.  Conner was in the wedding and one of my favorite photos from that day is of him eating his cake.  At that point in the night, I had been following Conner around for a while trying to get a good shot of him and he was getting tired of the paparazzi treatment.  When I finally snapped this photo he said “I just want to eat my cake!” (in a “I’m seriously over this” tone of voice).  It was one of my favorites from the night just because of his reaction.

Conner’s now my buddy and at the end of the Saturday portrait session he was saying “I think we can get some good photos over there”.

After the family shots, we let the kids be kids and play on the playground.  We got some really great, natural portraits while they played.

Here is Owen, who was just a little guy during the wedding.

Another memory from the wedding day was being worried that Melissa was going to go into labor during the photos :).  She was VERY much pregnant with Noah, who is now one of the happiest babies I have photographed in a long time.  I could have filled several memory cards with this cute little guy and he’s still be smiling.  He even went through several wardrobe and prop changes and was still smiling.

I saved the best “aaah” picture for last, the 2 big brothers holding their little brother.

It was great seeing and catching up with the family again.  Not only did they add another member to the family, Brent started his own business!  It’s been an exciting year for the Franklins, I am sure Brent is going to be very successful in business and I am excited for him.  I love being able to be a part of documenting families as they grow and experience new stages in life.  Thanks for letting me capture some great moments!  Looking forward to the next session…

As always, please contact me if you would like relaxed portraits like this of your own family!


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