Free Wedding Photo Planner

Planning a wedding I see, awesome!  Congratulation!  This page contains a form that I have found invaluable when planning the perfect wedding day with customers.  We are now making this available for free, even if you don’t (BOO!) hire us!  Yeah…way….no strings attached, keep reading…

Why do you need this form?  Well, you don’t.  If you want your wedding photographer to call everyone “hey you” on your wedding day and ask “what other pictures do you want?” then you don’t need this form.  If you want to have some really awkward moments when crazy Cousin Eddie joins the family photo (who invited him anyway?), then don’t use this form.  On the other hand, if you want to open a line of communication with your photographer, then this is a good start.

We find that at least knowing the names of the wedding party and family ahead of time makes for a much more relaxed environment.  Also, as Tampa wedding photographers, we prefer a more photojournalistic style of wedding photos and so do our brides. However, every wedding has “must have” traditional/posed shots as well.  If we don’t get those, someone’s going to be upset.  Planning these shots ahead of time with the bride is just on key to a relaxed wedding.  With a list in hand, we can have everyone lined up and ready for the traditional shots so that everyone gets to the reception as quick as possible.  We can also avoid having to PhotoShop out crazy cousin Eddie (seriously, it happens :) ).

So whether you use us as your Tampa wedding photographer or not, please accept this free download as a start to planning your wedding photos.  It’s completely interactive and will let you add people and shots for as many as you need for your particular wedding.  Fill it out, save it, email it to your photographer and start planning your perfect wedding photos!  Print it out and have someone check off the photos as you take them so that you know you got all of the “must have’s”.

Make sure you have Acrobat Reader first, you can get it here:

Then Click here to get started planning!

PSST!  Feedback would be awesome as well.  If you have suggestions on how to make this a more helpful form, or just want to tell us how much we helped, please email us here: