My camera is slow as molasses!

Ug, that is what my little league coach used to always tell me right after I was thrown out at first, but I digress…

This post isn’t about damaging self esteem at an early age, it’s about the number 1 complaint I always get from people. “MY CAMERA IS SLOW!”. What’s the definition of eternity? The time between when you press the shutter release button and when the camera actually wakes up and takes the picture (at which point you missed the action). What’s the definition of spontaneous profanity? Those are the words you have to explain to your child right after they slip out of your mouth when you see the empty preview on the back of your camera…

According to fellow geeks, the average human brain can process something like 10 quadrillion instructions per second. In my estimation, the average point and shoot camera can process 2 instructions per second (or so it may seem in that moment of eternity). So the reason your camera is “slow” is because you are empowering it to make TOO MANY DECISIONS.

In time, I will explain the concepts that will demystify your camera settings and photography concepts. I learned these concepts through school and trial and error. The key to taking better pictures is to know when the automatic settings of your camera are fine for that specific situation and when they will fall short and you need to make the decisions. Most other professional photographers don’t want you to understand these concepts because they know that you can take great portraits with just about any modern digital camera (point and shoot or digital SLR)! Don’t get me wrong, I hope you hire a great professional for all of your special occasions, but you shouldn’t have to for great portraits on a day to day basis.

I also promise to keep the geeky stuff to a minimum and teach you these concepts in an entertaining way. I forgot to tell you earlier, there is actually a 2 geek max on this site. There are plenty of geeky photography sites out there where people like to compete in the game of “I’m smarter than you”. I won’t allow those geeks to participate here because they are annoying.

So please check back, comment, participate…it will be worth it. You’ll learn more about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lighting, composition, etc. than you ever thought you wanted to know. Once you start making the decisions for your camera, you will feel so much more satisfaction when you get that “perfect shot”. You will also get more of those shots!

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