Family Portraits in the Park

I love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I usually get to spend time photographing some great Tampa families, not to mention making a little extra money for Christmas gifts :)!  Whenever I am out playing with my family, I am always taking mental pictures of settings I think would be cool for a photograph.  Meddard Park is a park East of Tampa that has a lot of docks and some great trees and hills.  I was at a kid’s birthday party there one time and this great tree with all of it’s roots had fallen over.  This tree was huge and obviously really old.  When the Frasers called their favorite photographer to take some family photos outside of Tampa, the said they wanted something a little different.  I immediately thought of this old tree and knew we could use it as a cool backdrop, so they met me at the park one evening and we got some great shots for their “official” Christmas card:

Also took some portraits of the kids by themselves.  I typically photograph much smaller kids, so it was kind of weird not having the sneak up on them to get some good shots while they were playing.  Older kids actually do what you ask them to do!  Here’s Paul’s Hollywood head shot:

The Frasers are great people and I am glad they choose me as their Tampa photographer.  I always have fun photographing people.  People hire me because they like my natural portraits.  I don’t use backdrops or a studio (anymore) and I love to keep the portrait sessions fun.  It’s always a challenge to find a great background and something a little different, but the fun is in capturing people’s personalities.  After the tree photo, we hung out for another 45 minutes and messed around.

Funny how this one looks like a fake background and also looks more like a photo from NC than Tampa Florida.

Thanks again Frasers for hiring me as your Tampa photographer.  Can’t wait for the next time.

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