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Who is Steve?
Great question, and a really important question to ask when hiring a photographer.  You see, even more than the photographs themselves, you are hiring the PHOTOGRAPHER.  How is your experience going to be with that photographer?  Is he or she going to be a calming presence on your wedding day when the maid of honor is late (it happens), the sun is going down too fast (don’t worry, we have lighting) or the best man makes an inappropriate remark (he wouldn’t, would he? :) ).

So….who is Steve?

Wedding Photographer Tampa

Right, sorry, got caught up there….I am a husband to an awesome wife, a father to the smartest 3 (and a half!) year old on the planet and the best Labrador ever known to man.  Oh yeah, and I take pictures.  I take pictures of everything, but above all, I love to photograph weddings.  People always say “how could you ever photograph a wedding?  I would be scared I would screw it up!”.  To me, it’s a great challenge and I never get stressed.  Weddings are a great time, two people in love, everyone got all cleaned up and dusted off their suits, what’s not to love?  On top of that, I get the chance to document that special day.  What a job!

I think I do a pretty good job of capturing the day, but judge for yourself on my wedding photos page or read what some of my customers say.  Need to know more about my background, sure, keep reading…

A little background….
Photography has been a love of mine ever since my wonderful wife bought me my first 35mm SLR about 6 years ago. Switching to digital allowed me to experiment even more, instant feedback is a great thing. I have a Computer Science degree from the University of South Florida and got to the point that I wanted to know even more about photography, so I enrolled in USF’s Continuing Education Photography Program. I wanted to do more than just read posts on the Internet, I wanted some sort of education in photography so that I knew I could charge people for a great product. I received my Professional Photography certificate from USF in 2006 and have since started to take on more and more business as a wedding photographer in Tampa, FL.

Since then I have been building a clientele of great weddings and have photographed weddings on both coasts of the Florida. I love being a wedding photographer, the excitement of capturing someone’s special day always gets me excited. I have never found it stressful, as some people warned. I love the photojournalistic style as well, it’s great to hear my brides say “I didn’t even think you were close when that happened!”. Capturing all aspects of that special wedding day, that’s what it is all about!

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Tampa Bay area or beyond, contact us so we have a chance to hear about your ideal wedding day.  If it’s not a good fit for our style, we can talk about that and I can certainly recommend other great photographers in the area.  Thanks for visiting our site.